Story by Carlo…

2 weeks ago my grandma Helena (my father’ s mother) called my dad telling him to go at once at her house My dad asked why such a rush? She told him to come because a couple of italians went there and they needed someone to communicate. Anyway my dad went there and found them. The woman (a lawyer) who lives with her husband in a small village outside Verona (i think) came to veria looking for grandpa Philip. They didnt know that grandpa had passed away a few months ago.. And miss Anna told my dad the reason of their visit. Her father during ww2 was an allied prisoner of war and he was kept in a POW camp in thessaloniki.
He managed to escape by jumping a twelve feet (i think) high wall, and he got shot by the german sentries. He was badly injured but he managed to escape. Hopefully the germans couldnt find him.

Somewhere near there was located the Vigato farm who they found him and hid him! So the Vigato family saved his life. After he recovered they led him to the Red Cross (don’ t know the exact term)
And he found himself in english territory in Middle East (Egypt).
After the war in 1946 he started mailing with grand grandpa Carlo. And they kept contact. During the early 90s miss Anna’ s brother started mailing with grandpa Philipp. That’ s how miss Anna came here to meet grandpa Philipp and share this story from ww2. But unfortunately they couldnt meet him…
(They were on their holidays in Chalkidiki and they came here just to find him and meet him). But they found their way to Naoussa (a small city 15 minutes far from Veria hometown) where there is my grand grandpas name on a street! Via Carlo Vigato!! And they took pics etc!